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I like it when posts like this are actually true

Zach Braff did an AMA on reddit a while ago and said the script would sometimes just say “Then Neil says something funny”

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"From now on, I’ll have to make sure I can show my gratitude to those who freed me. I can’t change your desire to eliminate all youkai. However, if you’re going to seal me away again, I will resist you with all my strength. Humans haven’t changed since my days in the temple. How weak and rash you are! Now, namusan ―― !"

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These guys were running around in these body pillow covers Saturday night and were undulating like fucking Silent Hill monsters.

Eventually they ran up to us and did their thing, which was equally hilarious and terrifying. Aubrey lost his balance and fell to the ground while laughscreaming and they swarmed him.

Laying on his back and screaming in either fear or laughter, he was surrounded by wiggling waifus yelling ‘DAIJOBOU DAIJOBOU DAIJOBOU’

A braver man went to go ‘dance’ with them, but didn’t last long before panic rose and he made a run for it. The human mind can only take so much torture.

They actually made our night.

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Neil Cicierega



Pokémon - Neil Cicierega - Mouth Silence

listen to this

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